Frontend System Design

Become the Alpha 🐺 frontend engineer by designing 30+ distinct web applications and all the fundamentals.

Learn the advanced concepts, strategies, techniques, and patterns with in-depth investigations required to design a front-end application in React. Quality curated content in one place, everything you need to crack your next front-end interview.

First frontend system design course. Distraction-free quality learning material.


  • You will get my E-book "JavaScript Interview Guide" with 120+ solved interview questions (1400+ copies sold).
  • Practice a list of machine coding round questions.
  • Practice 120 JavaScript questions from the book.
  • Lifetime access to this awesome course at the best market price. (Other courses at >$159)
Pay once and get lifetime access. Tip: You can get the course covered in your company's learning & development budget.
Note: The course will be completed by February end and the website works best in Chrome.

Course details


This course focuses on the principles and best practices for designing scalable and efficient frontend systems. You will learn how to architect frontend applications that are modular, maintainable, and performant.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the fundamentals of frontend system design
  • Learn how to design scalable and modular frontend architectures
  • Explore techniques for optimizing frontend performance
  • Develop a solid understanding of design patterns and architecture styles for frontend systems
  • In-depth analysis of the existing systems

Why you should get this course?

Built for Novices

Brush up your JavaScript basics and let’s take the first step together, enter as a rookie and come out as a champion.

The best resource

You will become the master of the Frontend ecosystem, after finishing the course. No need to study the Backend system design anymore.

Everything at one place

All the resources that you need to learn to become a good frontend engineer, you will find it here at single place in different groups.

Explore a new frontier

Your knowledge will grow exponentially about the frontend programming that will help you become alpha 🐺 and lead the team.


Why you should get this course?

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How is this different from the

This platform is specific for the frontend system design, but because you are paying for it, I decided to segregate everything here for distraction free and step wise learning

I am beginner, is this course for me?

This course is designed for everyone from fresher to staff, who is keen to learn on how the frontend of the modern web applications have been built that are used by million of users.

Is this a job guarantee course?

No this is not a job guarantee course, but I can assure you that after preparing from the materials here, you will have enough knowledge to crack any frontend interview.

Will I have life time excess?

Yes you will have lifetime access to the course, all the updates, new questions, features, and many more things.

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